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Powerful stuff without any nasties

Quality Oats. Natural ingredients. Protein rich. High in nutrition. Great taste.

No animals. No added refined sugar. No artificial sweetener. No palm oil. No crap.

the Protein bars

The protein bars are crammed with real ingredients from mother nature, that even an untrained eye can recognize and pronounce. The high protein content comes from peas and the balanced sweetness comes from dates and coconut nectar.


With its seven ingredients The Almond is a rich snack with 13 g of protein and 3,7 g fiber. This delicious snack will leave you feeling like you’ve cut the junk whilst maxing the feeling.

Protein bar: Almond


The Peanut is packed with as ‘much’ ingredients as six with a wholesome of 15 grams of protein. Thanks to the high content of peanuts and dates, The Peanut will be sure to tick off the boxes for both sweet’s lovers as well as smooth seekers.

Protein bar: Peanut


The Hazelnut is here for all the Hazel-lovers. Crammed with 15 grams of pure protein, the balance between nutty and sweetness is one for the books.

Protein bar: Hazelnut

THE CHIA snacks

With a base of oats, fruit puree and pea protein the snack sized puddings are a vibe maximizer giving good energy with natural flavor that comes from pureed fruit or cocoa.

The chia snack: red berries

A smooth and satisfying texture with its sweetness coming from pureed strawberries, blackcurrants, and raspberries. Filled with oats and chia seeds, that contain high amounts of omega-3.

Chia Snack: Red Berries

the chia snack: mango Passion

With the four main ingredients being mango, passion fruit, chia seeds and oats this mashup is worth to become an Oatlaw for. Also comes in 400 g pack.

Chia Snack: Mango Passion

the protein pudding: dark cocoa

Dark cocoa, pea protein and oats, not much more to say. Besides 15 g of protein, rich chocolate flavor and good lasting energy. Also comes in 400 g pack.

Protein pudding: Dark Cocoa

All details here. No
hidden crap.

As the base to life, it is the base of our chia puddings. Without water, no life and no puddings.

Fruit extract
Made through boiling fruit into natural flavorful syrups. Ranging from apple, passionfruit, mango, strawberry and raspberry.

Fruit puree
Blending fruit and berries to a smooth pudding-like texture.

Pea protein
100% vegan, packed with full-worthy protein.

One grain to rule them all. Oat is in our name and in our blood. With its high fiber and carbohydrate count it is a stapel in an energized and balanced diet. Our oats grow in Finland but are bi-lingual.

Cocoa powder
Basically a cacao bean minus the cocoa butter grinded into powder. Has anti-inflammatory effects and makes everything taste great.

Rapeseed Oil
Used in our Chia Puddings to get smooth consistency and creamy texture.

Thanks to its sweet character, dates work as a replacement of refined sugar with a caramelly flavor and acts as one of the natural sweeteners for Oatlaws. Oh, they are also filled with good fibers.

Coconut nectar
Used as a natural and healthy substitute to refined sugar. Extracted from the coconut palm tree it has a sweet and slightly bitter flavor.

Cocoa paste
Created through grinding the cocoa nibs to an even paste that then solidifies. Used for its rich flavor of raw chocolate. Contains the healthy benefits cocoa beans such as high magnesium, filled with iron and rich in fiber.

Flaxseed fibre
With its attributes of being crammed with Omega-3 fatty acids, high on fiber and supposedly cardiovascular benefits, flaxseeds are seen as a superfood. A superfood in line with Oatlaws believes.

Citrus fiber
Made from a range of citrus fruits such as limes, oranges and lemons.

Sea salt
Salt that is created by conducting the evaporating process of salt water.

Chia seeds
Besides giving the wonderful texture of pudding-like consistency, chia seeds also has some immense health benefits. Packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, high on fiber and protein they make for a energy maximazor in so many ways.

Stabilizer (carrageenan)
Carrageenan sounds weird but is in fact extracted from a red alga called Chondrus crispus. It’s a vegan stabilizer that helps giving the puddings their consistency and currently the best plant based option instead of gelatine. In a perfect world, we would not need to use any stabilizers, but then you would have to drink your puddings in a glass.

With the high amounts of unsaturated fats, high magnesium, and vitamins these nuts can be considered delicious health pills. Loaded with fiber and proteins they give that good good lasting energy.

Besides having a great taste, peanuts are high on protein, high on good fats as well as stacked with fiber.

High on protein, fiber, and packed with healthy fats it is a noteworthy base in The Hazelnut bar. Not to be overlooked is its tasty flavor.