1. Add 3 generous tablespoons of Power Oats to 3,5 decilitres of liquid (e.g. water, milk of your choice etc.) in a shaker or bottle.

2. Shake it, shake it real good.

3. Enjoy it.

Plan B: boost your smoothie or yoghurt with 1 or 2 tbsp. of Power Oats.

Ingredients: Semi-coarse, precooked Finnish whole grain oats, oat protein (total amount of oats 93 %), freeze-dried bilberry powder.

Nutrition Information per 100 g

Energy 1670 kJ/398
Carbohydrate  40,1 g
of which sugars  5,4 g
Fat  11,5 g
of which saturates  2 g
Protein  32,6 g
Dietary fiber  11,4 g
Salt  7,5 mg
Beta-glucan  3,4 g