The gutsy way of making every day an oat day

We know life can be stressful and at times it can be tricky to make good choices. That’s why our mission is to enable you (and the planet) to live a better life, both by saving time and by fueling you with energy. You can always trust our products to be nutritious, convenient and tasty. We use oats, not only because they’re sustainable, but also because they’re an extraordinarily versatile and pure ingredient, which has made it possible for us to create products with excellent taste (more below on our love for oats).

No white sugar or artificial sweeteners

We love cakes and candy but dislike finding hidden sugar in products where you did not expect it. That’s why we want to be transparent about what we have in our products and would never hide anything, especially not sugar. However, we believe that life should taste a bit sweet even though it might sometimes feel more like bittersweet. That’s why we sweeten our products with coconut sugar, cane sugar, agave syrup and natural sweeteners like Stevia.

Always vegan

All of our products are plant-based and never contain any animal ingredients. We could get on our soap box and preach about climate change and all that stuff, but we think you’re smart enough to cover it by yourself. And, we won’t judge if you still have bacon & eggs for breakfast occasionally.

More good things with our products

· Clean labels · Short ingredient lists · Lactose free · Free from artificial ingredients · Soy free · Dairy free · GMO free · Guilt free

Yes, we love oats!

We love oats for the slow and good carbs which provide energy and keep blood sugar stable. For the good fats, and because they’re good for your brain and heart. We love oats for the high fiber content, which keeps your digestive system singing. We love oats because they’re naturally gluten free and suitable for most diets (note: oats may contain traces of other grains). And because of betaglucans, which help you to control cholesterol levels!That’s a lot of reasons, no wonder we love oats!

Fast, Easy & Healthy!

That’s why we like it!