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Are all your products vegan?


Are the products gluten-free?

Oat is a naturallly gluten-free grain. Although, the handling of oats needs to be distinguished from other grains during harvesting and production in the factory in order to be labeled as a gluten-free product. At present, we do not have the opportunity to ensure that our Oat & Chia Puddings and Chocolate Protein Puddingsproducts do not contain traces of gluten. Our bars are produced in a different environment and are therefore secured as gluten-free.

What is the protein source of the products?

In our vegan Chocolate & Protein Pudding the largest amount of protein comes from peas, chia seeds and oats. In our Oat & Chia Puddings, the protein comes from chia seeds and oats. Our Chocolate Protein Pudding has a larger amount of protein than our chia puddings (9.8 g per 100 g vs 3.8 g per 100 g).

In our bars, the protein comes from peas. Peanut and Hazelnut have 15 g (per 100 g) of protein each while Almond has 13 g (per 100 g) of protein.

The products do not contain any added refined sugar - how do the products get the sweet taste?

Our main goal is to create healthy and tasty snacks with as natural and pure ingredient lists as possible. Therefore we are using real fruit and fruit extracts instead of refined sugar or artificial sweeteners in our products.

The Oat & Chia Puddings and Chocolate Protein Puddings contain carrageenan. What is it and why? Can you remove it?

Carrageenan is extracted from a red algae called Chondrus crispus. It’s a vegan stabilizer that helps giving the pudding their consistency and currently the best plant based option instead of gelatin. We continue working on developing products where we can achieve similar consistency without carrageenan. Stay tuned!

Where are Oatlaws made?

Our Oat & Chia Puddings and Chocolate Protein Puddings are produced in Finland at the Foodiq factory. Our Protein bars is produced in Macedonia.

are Oatlaws safe for kids?

Our Oat & Chia Puddings and Chocolate Protein Puddings are produced in Finland at the Foodiq factory. Our Protein bars is produced in Macedonia.

What is Food Justice?

Food Justice can be used in several different contexts. For us, Food Justice is about creating a greater understanding of food and its ingredients. Our ambition is to offer more people the opportunity to eat good and healthy food at all hours of the day. In addition, we want our products to have as little impact on the environment and climate as possible. We are constantly working on improving and always welcome feedback from our consumers.

Who owns Oatlaws?

Oatlaws is owned by the food innovation company Nicoya, Food producer Foodiq, CEO and Co-founder Johanna Linnros and other investors as Ash Pournouri, David Frenkiel and Mattias Hargin.

When was Oatlaws started?

Oatlaws was started in its current form in 2019.

How many calories does an Oatlaws product contain?

Low-calorie products is not something we prioritize since that often comes with many compromises. For us, it is about creating foods that are packed with good energy, a balanced nutrient intake and clean ingredients.

Our Oat & Chia Puddings contain 264 kcal. Our Chocolate & Protein Pudding contains 176 kcal.

Our protein bars contain the following amount of calories: Peanut 246 kcal, Almond 246 kcal and Hazelnut 261 kcal.