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Powerful stuff without any nasties


Let us present one of our latest innovations. The Oat Bite. The perfect size with the perfect content with good energy and natural ingredients. The Oat Bite is available in three flavors and they are all boosted by selected ingredients that give you an extra nutritional boost - Chia seeds, Matcha and Beetroot. The Oat Bite is 35g, which means that you who think that a Protein Bar may be a little too filling will love this one.

The Oat Bite Raspberry

The Oat Bite Apple

The Oat Bite Blueberry


The protein bars are crammed with real ingredients from mother nature, that even an untrained eye can recognize and pronounce. The high protein content comes from peas and the balanced sweetness comes from dates and coconut nectar.

Protein Bar Peanut

Protein Bar Hazelnut

Protein Bar Almond


Our Energy Bars are filled with ingrediens as B-vitamins, guarana and coffee that Will give you good and natural energy fast.

Not only are they invigorating but also super tasty with their chocolate cover!

Energy Bar Peanut Crunch

Energy Bar Caramel Crunch

Energy Bar Mocha Crunch


Natural oat protein shakes that come in three different flavors; chocolate, strawberry and vanilla so that you can pick your favorite. Perfect as a snack on the go or as a recovery beverage after your workout session. Based on only natural ingredients as oats and plant-based protein from peas and rice, makes these protein shakes, not only tasty but also healthy!

The Oat Protein Shake Cocoa

The Oat Protein Shake Strawberry