We Are The Oatlaws

Our mission is to help you to keep in balance in everyday life.
We push the boundaries of breakfasts, snacks, workouts, and recovery. From rush hours to endurance races, red-eye wake-ups to twinkling recovery boosts we serve you revolutionary oats.

About Us

Our Mission

We push the boundaries of breakfasts, snacks, workouts, and recovery. Our mission is to offer you illegally good assets for everyday life. From rush hours to endurance races, red-eye wake-ups to twinkling recovery boosts. Oatlaws is here to keep you in balance.

Our Oats

Finnish oats are beyond regular oats and we get to choose best of the best. The uniqueness of Finnish oats rises from its Arctic conditions and pure nature. A perfect foundation lies under the midnight sun for Finnish oats.

Our Story

We were born and raised 20 kilometres from the nearest grocery store in the Nordic woods in the middle of nowhere. A simple life with simple pleasures. It took us just 30 years to understand the potential of our backyard’s provision. Finland is the country of rye and oats. We love them both but we left rye for our bakery and started to explore oats for something else. Having kids and getting busy at work meant that the rat race was full-on just out of the blue. Where the hell did all that time disappear? What happened to laziness and “my time”?

Hard work, coincidence, and a passion for healthier snacks was our killer combo. We want to be the cereal killers and make the world a better place with better snacks from oats.

Why Oats

Because oats are great!  Their unprocessed, slow carbohydrates keeps your blood sugar in check and you content for hours. They also contain loads of dietary fibres that are great for your digestion and well-being.

Naturally gluten-free

Loads of dietary fibers

excellent, slow carbohydrates

low glycemic index

great taste

Power Up. Anywhere. Anytime.

Our products serve you in many ways and we call them the new standard of oats. You can make a breakfast, snack or replace a meal in 30 seconds. Or you can make a majestic comfort food in ten minutes which is like a wink of an eye for the smoothest oatmeal. All our products are made from Finnish oats. Pure, nutritious and illegally good.

Power Oats

A revolutionary Oat Drink Mix

Our pre-cooked whole grain oats are ground to semi-coarse oat powder which allows you to mix and enjoy a wholegrain drink in seconds. It makes a hell of a breakfast for a hectic lifestyle. Drink it before or after workout. Start your commute ride or run or sip it afterwards as a recovery drink. Just shake and enjoy it with your favourite liquid (e.g. water, milk of your choice etc.) and mix it with some flavour e.g. juice, fruit or berry purée.

Faster than instant

No cooking required

Healthy & Traceable

No added sugar or sweeteners

Suitable for Vegans

Dairy & soy Free

Completely Non-GMO

Fiber & Oatmeal

Join the Bowel Movement

Our Gluten-free oat fibers. The champion of oat fiber in the yellow package includes 69,7 g/100 g of fiber. Boom! Add a generous tablespoon to your daily diet: yoghurt, smoothies and muesli bowls and your bowel movement salutes you. It’s also great for baking.

Comfort Food for Slow Mornings

Our Majestic Oatmeal from Vesivehmaa Valley, Finland by farmer Antti Vähälä. Decades of tradition and arctic nature serves a rich delicacy that makes good both for body and soul. You can cook a wicked porridge in ten minutes, add a pinch of salt and a dash of jazz.

Our Gang

Here is our gang of brand ambassadors. Our everyday heroes doing the stuff they love and we love to support them. They chose us and our oats as their daily fuel not just for the benefit of oats but because they share the values and mission we have.